Bicycle trailers for kids

One of the best things about being a parent is sharing the joy of a hobby or activity that you  love with your kids. In my family, we enjoy cycling together, and having our kids ride with us has only made it more fun. In this series of posts, we’ll describe how we gradually went from having the kids in a bicycle trailer to riding a strider bike, then to riding on a trailer bike, and finally to riding on their own bike.

Bicycle Trailers

Riding in a bike trailer is the first step. We started off with a Chariot Cougar 1, and then when we had our second child, we moved up to the Chariot Cougar 2. The Chariot series of trailers are very well made, and I really appreciate how they attach to the bicycle. The ball-joint hitch makes it really easy to connect and disconnect. Chariot makes a bunch of models in its “sport series” – the Cheetah is the basic one, the Cougar adds a suspension, and the highest-end CX series adds drum brakes. I think the suspension is worthwhile because we often ride on dedicated bike paths, and every now and then we’ll encounter a section of unpaved gravel or dirt trail. With the Chariot you need to purchase the bike trailer attachment separately. They also have a ton of other attachments – jogging, stroller, XC ski.

The Burley makes a couple of nice models as well, including the D’lite and the Bee. I like the D’lite because of the suspension.

chariot cougar 1

Chariot Deluxe Cougar 1 CTS Adventure Carrier (Chassis Only) – Red/Silver/Grey
This is the 1-persion version of the Chariot Cougar. Don’t forget to buy the bicycle kit too!
Chariot Cougar 2 Chassis
Chariot Deluxe Cougar 2 CTS Adventure Carrier (Chassis Only)
This is the 2-persion version of the Chariot Cougar. Don’t forget to buy the bicycle kit too!
chariot cougar cycling kit Chariot Cycling Kit for CTS Adventure Carriers Compatible with Cheetah 1, 2/Cougar 1, 2 and CX 1, 2 (2003 or newer)
Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer, Orange

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