Children’s Bicycle Helmets

It can be hard to find a bicycle helmet that fits well and is comfortable for small children, especially for riding in a trailer when they are 1 – 2 years of age. Shown below are the two models that we have used.

Many people seem to have strong opinions as to the minimum age for having a child ride in a trailer. Without passing judgement on anyone else (and following our pediatrician’s advice), we started when they turned 1 year old. Probably more important than the calendar age of the child is how well they can keep their head stable over some bumps. Use your best judgement as it applies to your child. ¬†At this age, the length of your rides is going to be limited by how long your kid enjoys it. For us, this worked out to about 45 minutes in length, with breaks every 20 minutes to 30-minutes to stop at a park or store for some running around.

The Trek Little Dipper Helmet.
This was the best-fitting helmet we found for children when they were smaller. This one is primarily sold through local bike shops.
Giro Kid’s Rascal Bike Helmet (Red/Black Flames, Universal Child Medium/Large)
This is the helmet we got when my daughter was around 4. It has some neat flashing LEDs in the back – although the batteries will probably run out after a few weeks because your kid will forget to turn them off.

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