Mods and Hacks for the Cheerson CX-10

This is a compilation of links describing various hacks on the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone.

  1.  The first one is my own hack where I control a Cheerson CX-10 from a PC using a webcam.
    drone diagram
  2. This is a how-to on converting a Cheerson into a FPV.  Pretty amazing!

Cheerson CX-10 Smallest FPV

3. This post describes how to add shoulder buttons to control the yaw.  This is nice because with the Cheerson controller, when trying to rotate the yaw, the thrust is often inadvertently affected as well.

4. This forum post shows how a different RX can be hacked into the Cheerson.  In this case a DT RX32D was used.  This enabled custom firmware to be implemented.

5. Teardown and Video showing Cheerson controlled by Walker DeviationTX

6. Another Teardown.

7. This Gitub Gist has code for connecting an Arduino to the XN297 chip in the Cheerson TX. Enables one to control the Cheerson via the Arduino, or in this case, using the Arduino to read from another Flight TX into the Arduino.

Arduino Source code

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